Havasu Falls: How I got my permits!

How I got permits!

Havasu Falls is located about 5 hours north of Phoenix, AZ. It is one of several waterfalls located on the Havasupai Reservation within the Grand Canyon. It is world renown for its turquoise waterfalls. It is only reachable by helicopter, mule, or hiking. It is about a 10 mile one way hike to Havasu Falls.

Getting permits to hike in (which are required–they give you wrist bans when you get to the visitor center) is difficult! Yearly, the reservation desk opens on Feb 1st, (now there is a website, so I’ll discuss that shortly) and within days, the permits are booked to the end of the year. One may get lucky with cancellations later in the year. However, if you are serious about going, be prepared to call in on the morning of Feb 1st and for hours if not days. New this year is their website for reservations.  It was a mystery to many and I found it after I had gotten my tickets by phone. Here is link:  Sunrise Reservations Supai Campground   After hitting redial on my cell phone for several hours, I downloaded a redialer app which cut down on my manual redialing and allowed me to work at the same time. I kid you not, from Feb 1st 8 am, to Feb 2nd at 4:20 pm MT (when I lucked out and they answered me!) my phone redialed no short of 3,000 times. I was not giving up and I was going to get permits. And I lucked out getting the first dates I asked for in May!

I have camping reservations as well, and will backpack everything in and out. No mules, no helicopters. I will post this trip shortly after in May. I am looking forward to it!

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