REI Garage Sales

February 11th, 2017

If you are not a member of REI, I highly suggest it (I am not getting any thing from REI on this, I just love them). You can find out more about benefits of membership on their page. Anyways, a few times a year, they hold “garage sales”. Everything from retired display models to lightly used or “broken” returned items. All on deep discounts, however once you buy one of these items, you can not return or exchange it. But always coming is always worth it. I do not do Black Friday, but REI is closed that day anyways like many other outdoor retailers.  #optoutside

I had planned on showing up around 4-5 am however I couldn’t sleep for other reasons the night before the REI garage sale.  Since I couldn’t sleep, I thought I might as well get in line at REI earlier and not sleep! It is 1:58 am and it’s a small party of diehards! Note to self: bring my hammock next time. Nice people next to me in line offered me theirs but I’ll hang out in my chair! Yes, I’m crazy and I enjoy every minute of it. Nice to talk to fellow hikers and hear their stories. Glad it’s 61 degrees out! 🌲🏕🏔 I’ve got excellent line placement! 12th in line 👍


2:30 am update, women in front of me has a sister who is a nurse, her boyfriend is a nursing assistant and the guy standing up his gf is a nurse. They all know CE Direct, so now I’m considering this work time 😂

2:51 update: everyone went to sleep. Cinnabon/Schlotzsky’s opens at 6 am (across parking lot) for breakfast and bathroom break.

3:52 update: I’m no longer last in line… Next wave of people starting to get here to line up now

5:49 update: maybe got 1.5 hours total sleep sitting in my chair. 8 more people behind me. Schlotzsky’s lights are on, almost time for breakfast. It’s 63 out but feels cold now!

5:53 update: REI staff here, starting to set up. Having a great time talking with fellow diehards.

6:10 update: coffee and breakfast burrito. Everyone’s good with watching your spot if you leave momentarily

7:27 update: stalking REI staff as they set out stuff however on our side of the orange barrier. Kayak anyone?

8:25 update: 35 minutes to open. Every one discussing their plans to grab stuff. Staff cover up the tables with sheets in a feeble attempt to distract us from where the good stuff is.


8:59 am update: They are giving us instructions, once it is open, we all “walk” in and it is a free for all. You grab what you can. I like this  as everything is out at the same time. They did tell us that once they move to the new Chandler location, the process will change. Not sure I like that. Not sure what is changing.

9:38 am update: Yay! Bought $535 dollars in equipment for $157!! All displayed items or not in perfect condition to sell items (missing instructions or bag dirty): Trekking poles, MSR stove, phone charger/ light set,  airplane cover for my 60L pack, and sleeping mat!


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